Who am I?

I am West Norfolk born and bred.
I served 5 years in the Army in Cyprus, Northern Ireland (1973-4), and in Australia as an ADC to the Governor of South Australia.
I qualified as a Barrister and practised as firstly at the criminal bar and then as a partner in a solicitor’s practice for 30 years.
I have been High Sheriff here in Norfolk and then a Deputy Lieutenant; a position from which I have now resigned to campaign as a candidate for the next election.
I have walked 1500 miles to Santiago di Compostela in Northern Spain to raise funds for Unpaid carers.
I am the Ambassador for Love West Norfolk.
I am now chairman of the Swan Youth Project in Downham.
I am patron of another youth project, Open Road in Lynn.
I have worked as a front-line adviser for Norfolk Citizens Advice and now chair a committee to promote Norfolk Citizens Advice as a charity in Norfolk.

What do I stand for?

  • I am an advocate for decency and traditional values.
  • I believe in service, enterprise, hard work, and due reward. 
  • But I have a social conscience.
  • I want every young person to be given the opportunity to fulfil their potential.
  • I want everyone who is not able to care for themselves to live in comfort and with dignity. 

Why am I proposing to stand as an Independent?

The Conservative party, with whom politically I am most closely allied, has lost its way.
While I support the current Prime Minister’s attempts to ‘right the ship’, the party he leads is divided and, consequently ineffective and no longer fit for government.

In my view...

Our current MP Liz Truss represents all that is wrong with the party. She has been at the heart of a government for ten years which has failed to deliver on every front. In pursuing her ambitions in Westminster and further afield she has paid scant or no regard to the interests of her constituents.
The constituency itself is large and its diversity is complex. It is governed by a County Council, two District/Borough councils and is affected by decisions of various health public health agencies and educational trusts.

The many challenges we face...

Nationally: Cost of living, Health and Social Care , Education, Housing, Immigration and Defence
The issues in our towns: Housing, planning, flooding, reviving town centres, banking facilities, doctors, dentists and young people.
It needs a genuine and committed local champion with a voice who will work with these bodies and local and community groups, and where necessary hold them to account on a daily basis; maximising the resource we have to make our communities as resilient as possible.


at the next Election

More of the same: LIZ TRUSS
A labour man, Terry Jermy, who is very much saddled with Thetford, sadly, with all the local politics there and likely to be swallowed up by Westminster, trooping through the lobby as required by party whips.
An Independent beholden to no party.
A strong, independent voice exercising soft power and influence, concerned only with the best interests of the constituency.
And then speaking for myself, someone who has had a professional career representing clients’ interests before all manner of regulatory and governmental organisations; and has proven credentials for caring and delivering.


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