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Please let me know via the form below whether you would like to help me WIN for South West Norfolk in the 2024 General Election!


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Donate to the Campaign

I am excited to say that the level of support I have received at open meetings held throughout the constituency, and via social media, has been hugely encouraging.
It is evident that many constituents want a change of representation at Westminster and are looking for someone for whom to vote who broadly represents their views.
I have therefore committed to run as an independent candidate for South West Norfolk.
To overcome a majority of 26,000 and successfully fend off competition from other parties requires a well organised, well provisioned and well-funded campaign.
I am therefore asking for help with funding from those who wish to see me succeed. Any amount will count and will represent a great encouragement for the team and myself.
If your mortgage has gone up as a result of the disastrous budget sponsored by our MP as PM, then you might even like to offer us £1!
The rules require us to account for any contributions over £50 and the funding platform (Crowdfunder) will ask for details where necessary.
These are difficult times for many financially, and sponsoring a political campaign may not feature prominently in your budget. I quite understand this, and messages of support instead via the contact form or our social media channels would be warmly welcomed.


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